Which JS Framework Your Project Requires: Angular vs. React 2022

Web development has become necessary for every company that wants to enhance its digital presence. Everyone dealing with web application development must be familiar with angular JS and React JS.

We often get confused on selecting one of them as both are remarkable frameworks in their way. It would be better to understand what each one brings to the table before hiring a React JS developer or Angular JS developer.

Moving ahead in 2022, the development framework that offers speed and productivity will be the winner.

Let us understand their details to bring more clarity to choices and knowledge.

Introduction to Angular and React

Angular is an open-source web framework that has been created for developers to develop dynamic applications. It is a component-based framework that can be used to start small and scalable applications.

It is rich with libraries and features, apt to be used to build enterprise-grade applications. The angular team continuously does modifications to provide the developers with the latest features.

React is also a web development framework used for front-end development. Facebook maintains it. The declarative coding approach allows the developers to create complex and creative User Interfaces. Moreover, its UI components can be reused to attain faster application development.

Comparison: Angular vs. ReactJS

We will be comparing both development frameworks based on their features.

  • Performance: Angular development involves real DOM that works just fine for the development. The bi-directional data-binding adversely affects its performance. On the other hand, React uses virtual DOM, enhancing the application’s performance. The uni-directional data-binding process reduces the developer’s workload.
  • Scalability: Angular JS works on a modular architecture which is excellent for average applications that require limited scalability. React JS uses component-based architecture, which is used to scale the application to any limit without compromising on performance.
  • Learning curve: Angular JS is known to have a steeper learning curve than React JS. The latter can be a preferred choice for the new developers for its ease of learning.
  • Community: Angular JS enjoys lesser community support than React JS as it was accepted late by the developer community for its steeper learning curve. However, Google keeps updating the framework to make it developer-friendly.
  • On the other hand, react framework has a large community of developers across the globe. They keep on adding codes and documentation to the knowledge repository.
  • Self-sufficiency: Angular is a complete framework for software development. It can be said to be self-sufficient. Different functions such as data-binding, project generation, and dependency injections can be performed using the angular package.
  • On the contrary, React is a framework created explicitly for UI development. For the development of different functions, additional libraries are required.
  • App Structure: Angular has a fixed and complex structure that can be challenging for the new developers. The app structure of React gives the developers the freedom to choose. There is no rigid structure, and the developer needs to design it before starting the project.

Angular and React JS Use Cases

Both the frameworks are apt for different use cases.

Angular JS can be used for:

  • Developing ready-to-use solutions that demand higher speed and productivity
  • Large-scale application loaded with features
  • Projects with developers having prior experience in C# and Java
  • Applications that have limited complexity

React JS can be used for:

  • Applications that involve multiple events
  • Personalized high-performance applications
  • Application development project with sharable components
  • Application development with developer’s experience in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Reasons for Choosing Angular JS

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Sagar Prajapati

Sagar Prajapati

Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert, App Store Optimization Expert at Global Vincitore

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